Do You Know How Automated Email Personalization Really Works?

Personalized email marketing can lift engagement, conversions, and ROI. But it’s tough to pull it off manually.

Enter: automated email personalization. Your secret sauce to getting the right message to the right inbox, at the right time—without the headaches!

In this guide, you’ll learn how automated email personalization tools can help you make a major impact in the inbox—with low effort.

Plus, you’ll see how brands you know are using (and benefitting!) from this technology. Find out how:

  • Kate Spade automated personalized new arrival emails for a 50% increase in conversion rate
  • Puma automated email image personalization to drive a 35% average order value increase
  • Co-op automated customer reviews in emails to build subscriber trust

…and more!

Find out how to put automated email personalization to work for you.