Decoding Deliverability: Essential Strategies for Reaching the Inbox

Want your emails to actually make it into the inbox? From where you get your contact lists, to how you build your emails, to the content you’re sharing, there are dozens of obstacles that can stand between you and getting your emails delivered to the right subscribers at the right time.

In this webinar, we joined forces with Constant Contact to take a look at how to overcome these challenges and glide into inboxes with ease! Together, Jaina Mistry, Director of Content and Email Marketing at Litmus, and Stephanie French, Senior Producer, Webinars at Constant Contact, discuss the following key points related to email deliverability and more:

  • The top factors that affect your email deliverability
  • Best practices to help you get to (and stay!) in the inbox
  • How to identify if your emails aren’t being delivered + what actions to take

Meet your presenters

Jaina Mistry
Director of Email Marketing at Litmus

Stephanie French
Senior Producer, Webinars at Constant Contact

Whether you’re brand new to the strategies around email deliverability, or are a seasoned email practitioner with thousands of opens behind you—you won’t want to miss this one.