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Are you tracking the right email marketing KPIs?

Marketing shifts like Apple’s Mail Privacy Protection have changed the meaning of open rates. Now many marketers are left wondering which email marketing KPIs truly offer insight-–and which metrics may need to be reconsidered.

Join this one-hour panel to learn all things related to email marketing KPIs–straight from four experts–including:

    • Why some email marketing metrics don’t mean what they once did
    • Which email marketing KPIs and metrics to prioritize, given the shifts that have taken place
    • How marketers are iterating their campaign measurement strategies to find meaningful insights

Learn the essential email marketing KPIs and metrics you should be tracking.


Cynthia Price
SVP of Marketing at Litmus

Chad S. White
Head of Research at Oracle Marketing Consulting

Dan Oshinsky
Consultant at Inbox Collective

Bree Rostic
Marketing Manager, Customer Communications at HubSpot

"We had no real testing other than forwards from one person to another... and before you know it, the email just loses all of its layout and design."

FIRST & LAST NAME, Associate Director of Digital Marketing, SMU