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Email Marketing Success Stories: Obstacles, Wins, and Problems Fixed

How do you scare an email marketer, in five words or less?

“Blast this to our list.”
“Please include this large attachment.”
“Why does this look weird?”


We know how hard it is to get an email out the door. But we also know how satisfying it can be when you finally do—especially when the results yield a fantastic subscriber experience.

Join us for:

  • Email marketing success stories from a panel of email experts who build and send emails (just like you!)
  • A conversation on email marketing obstacles overcome and problems solved
  • Strategies to turn your biggest email fears into email marketing wins

Join us for a conversation on email marketing wins.


Cole Ericson
Manager of Campaign Operations at Oracle NetSuite

Leah Miranda
Lifecycle Marketing Manager at Zapier

"We had no real testing other than forwards from one person to another... and before you know it, the email just loses all of its layout and design."

FIRST & LAST NAME, Associate Director of Digital Marketing, SMU