A look ahead: Email marketing trends in focus for 2023

Do you have the right email marketing trends on your radar?

Email trends should invoke excitement and creativity, not confusion. We have asked the email geeks what trends they’ll be tapping into in 2023 to help identify those that should command your attention.

We'll explore the key trends including:

  • Email designs that attract attention in the inbox
  • Ways to balance email personalization and changing privacy regulations
  • Technical skills that will elevate your email campaigns design and development

...and much more!

Learn how to level up your email strategy in 2023.


Jaina Mistry
Director, Email Marketing at Litmus

Hannah Tiner
Email Design & Product Specialist at Litmus

"We had no real testing other than forwards from one person to another... and before you know it, the email just loses all of its layout and design."

FIRST & LAST NAME, Associate Director of Digital Marketing, SMU