Foundations of Email Marketing

When done right, email has the potential to be one of the most powerful tools in your marketing toolbox, yielding big results (we’re talking 36:1 ROI, to be exact).

Wondering how to send marketing emails? Curious about how email marketing works? You’re in the right place!

Together with Constant Contact, we created the Foundations of Email Marketing, filled with tried-and-true strategies for email marketing best practices in 2023.

In five easy-to-digest lessons, you’ll learn how to build a strong foundation for a successful email marketing program—including how to grow and retain your audience, automations for maximum results, techniques to ensure your emails make it to the inbox (and not spam), and ways to measure and optimize your email wins.

Whether you're a beginner or seasoned pro looking for a refresher, you’ll find takeaways in each lesson:

  • Lesson 1: Guiding Principles
  • Lesson 2: Your Audience
  • Lesson 3: Deliverability
  • Lesson 4: Automation from Constant Contact
  • Lesson 5: Analyze and refine your performance
An email popping out of an envelope with a paper airplane swooshing around it.

Ready to master the basics of email marketing?

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