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How to Test (and Learn!) for High-Converting Emails

When you understand what makes your unique email audience tick, you can create email marketing campaigns that engage and convert with every send.

The key to knowing what those subscribers want? Conduct effective email testing!

In this webinar with Litmus’ Jaina Mistry and Constant Contact, you’ll learn how to use email testing to better connect with your subscribers–and drive results.

In this one-hour session you’ll discover:

  • How testing plays a role in optimizing emails that speak to your audience
  • How to get your emails into the inbox to convert more subscribers
  • How to design great emails that capture attention and drive action

…and more!

Ready to see what testing could do for your email performance?



Jaina Mistry
Director of Email Marketing, Litmus

Stepanie French
Senior Producer of webinars, Constant Contact

"Litmus is able to show us not only which email clients our customers are using and rendering across those email clients, but it's also going to show us things like geolocation and how they're engaging within the emails. It pays for itself in the long run in terms of ROI and uplift."

Stephanie McKay, Senior Manager, Marketing, LuckyVitamin