Behind the Scenes of a Newsletter Makeover

Is your newsletter in need of a makeover? Ours was…and we’re excited to share how we did it! From why we made the decision to how we executed, we’ll be sharing design strategies and techniques that informed our newsletter makeover.

Join our email developer Carin Slater and email designer Hannah Tiner as they walk through:

  • What ultimately led the decision to redesign
  • Driving principles behind our design thinking process—and how to apply them to your own redesign project
  • Key tenents behind the redesign—like accessibility, progressive enhancement, surprise-and-delight, and UX

You’ll want to attend this one live to see a sneak peek of the new Litmus News!

Meet your presenters

Carin Slater
Email Marketing Specialist at Litmus

Hannah Tiner
Email Design & Product Specialist at Litmus

Get an exclusive look at our newsletter redesign.