Exclusive Look: Key Insights from the State of Email Design

How are email marketers designing, building, and thinking about emails? Over 1,200 chimed in… and the results are in.

Presenting: our 2023 State of Email Design Report, a complete guide on the current state of email design, with trends and insights on how email marketers are creating beautiful and effective emails.

Join our live event for early access to our top findings and takeaways from our upcoming State of Email Design Report. We’ll answer questions like:

  • What percentage of email teams are actually designing for Dark Mode?
  • How important is responsive, adaptive, and hybrid design to email designers?
  • What’s the most popular graphic design program among email marketers?

Meet your presenters

Abigail Sims
Senior Content Marketing Manager at Litmus

Jaina Mistry
Director, Content & Email Marketing at Litmus

Get early access to the insights from our upcoming State of Email Design Report.