Key Insights from the Current State of Email Workflows

For email marketers, time is of the essence. From wireframing, building, copywriting, QA testing, automation—a lot of steps need to happen to get an email up and out the door.

Research from our latest State of Email Workflows report found nearly 40% of email marketers are using a method they would not consider optimal to build their emails.

How can email marketers optimize their workflow?

Join our live event for key insights and findings from our 2023 State of Email Workflows report. Discover what’s efficient (and what’s not) for email marketers, including:

  • Survey results from 440+ email marketers worldwide
  • Workflow tips and tricks from the best in the email industry
  • Real challenges, processes, and success stories from marketers (like you)

Meet your presenters

Logan Baird
Senior Community Evangelist at Litmus

Abigail Sims
Senior Content Marketing Manager at Litmus

Discover key insights from the latest State of Email Workflow report.