Guide to Live Polls and Social Proof in Emails

Personalization is not only a want but an expectation from subscribers—and a majority of marketers are struggling to meet the demand. How can email marketers create more dynamic email campaigns that boost engagement and deliver relevant experiences?

With the right tools and technology, you can set up live email content that automatically updates at the time of the open, helping you create a more impactful experience in the inbox—without all the heavy lifting and manual work each time.

In this guide, you’ll discover the best ways to use live polls and social proof in email, including:

  • The what, why, and how of live polls and social proof in email
  • How brands are using these tactics to bring in results
  • Examples to inspire your own dynamic email campaigns

Tap into one of the most powerful ways to increase email engagement with live polls and social proof in email.

Boost engagement and increase conversions by showing—not telling.