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Email Testing: Your Key Ingredient to Winning Campaigns

Email testing isn’t a last step before you hit send–and it’s not just about dodging spam filters.

To craft email campaigns that crush performance goals, testing has to be embedded throughout your email workflow.

But how?

Watch this webinar to hear email experts from Litmus and Acoustic offer up all their best practices for email testing, including:

  • Why testing modules and elements of your design system is so important (and why you can’t stop at templates!)
  • How to test early and often for efficient review cycles
  • Ways to work smarter based on your top email clients
  • Which integrations and tools to lean on to simplify testing

Ready to master email testing and build winning campaigns?


Jaina Mistry
Director of Email Marketing at Litmus

Carin Slater
Email Marketing Specialist at Litmus

Ryan Franciscus
Director of Product at Acoustic

"We had no real testing other than forwards from one person to another... and before you know it, the email just loses all of its layout and design."

FIRST & LAST NAME, Associate Director of Digital Marketing, SMU