Add Urgency and Excitement to Your Emails with Countdown Timer Personalization

Seeing a ticking clock is a powerful visual tool that builds anticipation and reminds audiences they need to act fast!

Learn how to use countdown timer personalization in email to encourage audiences to take action.

In this guide, you’ll learn how to make email more engaging and unavoidably appealing with countdown timer personalization. Create a customized email marketing experience with low lift and high impact.

Plus, you’ll see how brands you know are using countdown timers to create FOMO (fear of missing out), leading readers to take action.

Find out how:

  • Kate Spade created a sense of urgency that boosted engagement
  • The Ikon Pass boosted exclusivity for their offer while updating CRM data
  • Litmus lets webinar invitees know time is running out to save their virtual seat

…and more!

Don’t let time run out! Find out how to add countdown timer personalization to email that engages and converts.