Straight Talk: Why Do Emails Go to Spam (or the Inbox) in 2022?

Knowing how to get your emails to the inbox is critical to campaign success.

But email deliverability is complex.

And myths and misconceptions behind questions like why do emails go to spam abound.

So we’ve teamed up with our friends at Salesforce, Yahoo, and SocketLabs, to help you separate fact from fiction.

In this one-hour webinar you’ll get expert insight on:

  • Which factors currently have the most bearing on email deliverability
  • What old myths about spam triggers no longer apply
  • How features (like BIMI) can improve your brand visibility–and chances your email will get noticed

….and more!

It’s time to know which factors really land your emails in the inbox.


Jaina Mistry
Senior Email Marketing Manager at Litmus

Dimiter Batmazian
Solution Architect, Deliverability Services at Salesforce

Lili Crowley
Lead Postmaster at Yahoo

Lauren Meyer
Chief Marketing Officer at SocketLabs

"We had no real testing other than forwards from one person to another... and before you know it, the email just loses all of its layout and design."

FIRST & LAST NAME, Associate Director of Digital Marketing, SMU