Things That Can Go Wrong With Email and How To Stay Ahead of Them

Did you know that there are over 300,000 different ways an email can display based on the email client, device, and reading environment?

Today, emails are made up of so much more than just text and links. Subscribers have high expectations to receive personalized and powerful experiences that stand out in their inboxes, but for email teams, added complexity in email designs also increase the chances of errors and deliverability issues.

To ensure every email results in the best possible customer experience, it’s important to conduct thorough pre-send testing and optimize your email workflow and personalization process. In this session, we will cover an array of email issues and how to prevent them.

Some of the elements we will discuss, followed by a live Q+A:

  • Errors that prevent engagement & conversion
  • Emails that don’t live up to subscriber expectations
  • Strategy and collaboration breakdowns

Meet your presenters

Becca smiling sweetly

Becca Gage
Customer Marketing Specialist at Litmus

Jessica with a great grin

Jessica Materna
Director of Product Marketing at Litmus

Nicole smiling knowingly

Nicole Swift
Senior Customer Support Manager at Litmus

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